Rental Policies in Stockton, CA and the surrounding areas

1. We are an equal opportunity housing provider. We fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. We also comply with all state and local fair housing laws.
2. Housing availability policy. Rental units become available when they are ready to rent. A vacant unit will not be deemed available until it has been cleaned, and prepared for a new resident. We update our list of available rental units as each unit becomes available. A rental unit that was unavailable in the morning may become available later that same day.
3. Occupancy guidelines. To prevent overcrowding and undue stress on plumbing and other building systems, we restrict the number of people who may reside in a unit. In determining these restrictions, we adhere to all applicable fair housing laws. We allow two persons per bedroom per rental unit. For example, a two bedroom rental unit could house four people, and a three bedroom rental unit could house as many as six people.
4. Application process. We evaluate every application in the following manner. You must submit a rental application and answer all questions on the form. All adults living in the rental unit must complete an application and meet qualification requirements. You must pay the $35 (for an individual), nonrefundable application fee. An additional $35 application fee will be charged for each co-tenant. We will determine whether, from your responses to the application questions, you qualify for the unit you are applying for. If you do not, we will reject your application. If you do, we will check your credit report, criminal history, and employment and rental references to confirm that they meet our rental criteria. If you meet our criteria, we will approve your application. This process takes 24 to 48 hours. We process only one application at a time for any of our rental units. If you are interested in renting a property that has an application pending on it, we can accept back-up applications. You will not be asked to pay an application fee if you submit a back-up application. If the first application is rejected, we will call the person(s) who submitted the first back-up and give them an opportunity to apply and at that time collect the fee.
5. Rental criteria. To qualify for a unit at PME, you must meet the following criteria:
a. Income. Your combined monthly income should be at least two and a half times the monthly rent and must be verifiable. If you have been a full-time student at any time within the past year, we may require you to have your lease guaranteed. If you are unemployed, you must provide proof of a source of income.
b. Rental history. You must have satisfactory rental references from at least two prior landlords or for at least the last two years. If you have ever been evicted or sued for any lease violation, we may reject your application.
c. Credit history. Your credit record must currently be satisfactory. If your credit history shows any unpaid debts, we may reject your application.
d. Guarantors. If you do not meet one or more of the above criteria, you may be able to qualify for the rental unit if you can get a third party to guarantee your lease. The guarantor must pass the same application and screening process that you must pass, except that we will deduct the guarantor's own housing costs before applying his or her income to our income standard. A guarantor must make a minimum of four times the rent to qualify. The fee for an individual guarantor (co-signor) is $35.00.
e. Criminal history. If you have ever been convicted of a felony, we may reject your application. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving dishonesty or violence within the past five years, we may reject your application.
6. The first month of rent and the security deposit must be paid before tenant(s) can take possession of the unit.

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