Today we are talking about what's going on in the Stockton rental market, and what you can expect if you own investment property.

It's a good time to rent in Stockton. When you're buying a place to rent out, we recommend looking for particularly desirable locations that will get you good tenants and reasonable rents. Some places we recommend include Lincoln Village West, Spanos East or Spanos West and Brookside. These areas have great school districts, and that's what a lot of renters are looking for when choosing a home.

You always want to consult a property manager before you purchase an investment home. When you talk to a professional, you'll get a good idea of what kind of rental rates you can expect. You'll know how much tenants are willing to pay for a three bedroom versus a two bedroom. For most investors, it's essential to earn enough income that you'll be able to cover your mortgage and generate some rental income.

If you have any question about the current market or where we expect it to go, or you'd like some help in finding an ideal rental property, please contact us at Property Management Experts, and we'd be happy to help you.

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